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I am often asked by Chiropractors that don’t fully understand the importance of search engine optimization if this is something, which they could just do themselves. Of course, this doesn’t surprise me as most Chiropractors are self starters and they like to get their hands dirty with all of the projects in their office. My best advice is always to delegate it to someone who has this as their specialty and to focus on what you do best – being a great Chiropractor. However, they very often taken back by this as if I am saying that they would be unable to do it themselves or that they didn’t possess the right skill to complete the job. The fact is that the majority of human beings today possess the skills needed for doing search engine optimization and that includes almost every Chiropractor I know. The more important question is not whether a person can do these activities or not but rather is this a good investment of your time? If you look at the value of your time in real terms of your potential to earn per hour (potentially hundreds or even thousands per hour) and compare that in relationship to the amount of time invest needed to first learn the skill sets (dozens of hours) for SEO to a level of mastery that makes your time relatively efficient in completing the task; I promise that as a Chiropractor you would be better off delegating this responsibility.

So, the next question I get is: couldn’t one of my staff do it? Again I would argue that your staff’s time is better invested doing their work in the office and focusing on providing amazing service to your clients. Primarily because of the learning curve needed to achieve a level of mastery. For example, what takes a trained individual seconds to complete can require an untrained individual several minutes to complete. Multiply this hundreds of times and what takes a trained individual an hour to complete may take the untrained individual all day.

Having said all of that there are still those who don’t care about the unnecessarily wasted hours of production and would prefer to DIY their SEO. So I have prepared a series of Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization articles or Self SEO articles that will walk you through some of the activities that if you do them right will pay dividends in terms of creating authority for your website, which translates into more traffic from the search engine and therefore more new patients.

The topics I will cover include the following: Service and Product Review Websites, Local Search Listings, Directory Listings, Content Sharing, Social Bookmarking, Social Media, Press Releases, Blogs and Forums, Partners, and Local Authorities.

If you only decided to implement the items that were completely free (except for you time investment) you would be well on your way to becoming a local authority for health and wellness.

If you are serious about your Search Engine Optimization and would like to delegate this important responsibility to a professional service that will get you outstanding results I highly recommend either Future Paced or Chiropractic Websites SEO.

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