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Here is the latest in our technology arsenal – a full featured Events Calendar for you Brainstem or BrainstemPro website. With our events calendar you can keep your community up to date with all of the events you hold both inside and outside of your office. You can even have your clients and guest register for your events (optional). This events calendar is easy to update and manage and is fully templated, which make matching the look and feel of your website a breeze. You can even have your upcoming events automatically post an announcement on your Facebook and Twitter account (BrainstemPro clients). We will do the initial setup for your events calendar and in this training I will walk you through the process of creating a new event. You will have it up and running in no time!

First you will need to login to your website using your administrator account details then navigate to the page your Events Calendar is on. We can place the calendar on your Optimal Health Workshop page or we can create a new page for you, e.g. Upcoming Events. Click the image to expand the view.


Click on the plus sign as indicated in the image to the left. This will open a form for creating a New Event.image

  1. If you only have one type of event, e.g. Workshops and if your location is always in your office then all you need to do is complete the basic details of the form: Title, Start and finish date and time, and description. This will provide you with the basics for an event calendar. You will also notice fields of Category and Location – if you have multiple types of events and multiple locations then you will want to add the various types of Events as categories before adding your events so that you can select the category or type of event from the drop down menu. Similarly with Location – if you hold events outside your office you will want to add these additional locations before adding a new event for these locations.

When we configure your Event Calendar we will add your office as a location and Optimal Health Workshop as a category so that you can simply select these for your event if it is a workshop being held in your office.

At the bottom of the Event form you will notice 3 check boxes: Send Notification, Display Image, and Recurring Event. Checking send notification will automatically send an email reminder to those who have registered for the event. If you enable event registration this would be a good feature to select. Checking Display Image will allow you to upload and image for the event that will be displayed in various views for the calendar. Checking recurring event will allow you to configure an events recurrence, e.g. if you have a weekly workshop that is on Tuesday at 7pm you can schedule this as a recurring event if you don’t want to customize each weeks workshop. However, if you use varied themes for your weekly workshop it would be a better idea to create a unique event each week and provide a description for each one.

image imageTo add a new category or a new location start from the main calendar view then mouse over the module dropdown menu (displayed in the image left – click to expand the image) and select either Edit Categories or Edit Locations. This will open a form to easily add or edit a category or location. Click the image right to see the forms.

That’s it! You can now add a new event, new category or location for an event.

Regarding posting your events to Facebook and Twitter (BrainstemPro clients) we will take care of automating this for you.

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