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Our promise has always been to make our websites exceptionally easy to edit and modify. Today we are looking at how to customize the Call Back Request Form or the Get a Check Up form found on all of our websites.

The first step in editing any of our websites is to login as the administrator using your administrative username and password. Navigate to the page that your Call Back Request Form is found on. This form is visible on many pages using our Web 2.0 pop-ups, however the actual form is typically found of the Get a Checkup page under The Welcome Center.Expand Editors

Call Back Request Form Editor

Ensure that your website is in the Edit mode. In the Edit mode the page should appear to be expanded and many items may not be  displaying in the way that a visitor would see. Look near the top of left corner of the Call Back Request form for an downward pointing arrow that when moused over produces a drop down menu. Click the image left to expand the view of the Admin Option. Look for Admin Options from the drop down menu.

When the Admin Options Editor Opens there are a few items that will need to be expanded so that you can edit all of the details.

After Expanding it is important to understand what each part represents:

  1. Module Heading: is the text that appears above the Call Back Request Form – a greeting.
  2. Response Message After Submit: is the text that appears after someone submits the form.
  3. Customize Field Captions: This is the descriptions for the form, e.g. Name, Email, Phone, etc.

Text Editor

When the text editor expands you can simply edit the text that appears. However, this can sometimes create bad HTML coding if you make a lot of changes. So, my best recommendations is to click the button titled “Source” which shows you the actual HTML code (nothing too scary) then just change the text part of the message and leave the tags (<h3>) the way that they are already configured.Form Fields Editor

Then expand the form fields editor and make changes to the way these items display. The only item that I feel is important to have an additional description for is the phone. The Request Call Back phone field is a bit sensitive to help reduce spam – so it will only accept numbers without spaces or symbols.


When you finish making your changes be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

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