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Many of our clients now have radio shows and would like the capacity to broadcast their radio shows through their website. This of course requires some new technology and the ability to stream your audio files. We have the solution for creating a podcast but as is true with any new technology some basic instructions are required to ensure that you get the best results from your podcast. In this post we will be adding some of the more technical components or challenges which our clients have faced in creating their podcast.

The first challenge which many of our clients have faced is getting their podcast into the right file format for use with podcasting. The standard file format is MP3 but an MP3 file has the ability to be optimized for high quality sound (huge file size) or poor quality sound (tiny file size). Getting the right settings will ensure that your listeners get the right quality of sound without over doing it on the file size.

The second challenge comes from the way that the radio program is delivered. Most often it is provided on a CD and for the doctors convenience they radio station has removed the commercials but it doing so they create multiple files or tracks on the CD. Ideally, you want a single radio program to be delivered as a single file. So knowing how to merge multiple tracks into a single file and doing so rather easily becomes very important.

The great news is that both of these issues can be addressed at the same time. By using ITunes (the program you would want to use for podcasting anyway) for ripping your CD to create your MP3 files you can achieve the desired result for both of the above situations at the same time.

The first step is to ensure that you have download and install ITunes. Once ITunes in installed you will want to change the preferences for how files are imported from CD.

Itunes Import Settings

MP3 Quality Settings To change your import settings to get iTunes to import the CD as MP3 go to Edit > Preferences > General and click the Import Settings button. In older versions of iTunes, click on Edit > Preferences > Importing (or Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Importing). Your goal is to change the Import Settings from the default setting to "MP3 Encoder".

Then select Custom settings for the quality. From the MP3 encoder menu choose a Stereo Bit Rate of 64 Kbps and ensure that Sample Rate: Auto, Channels: Stereo, Stereo Mode: Normal, and Smart Encoding Adjustments and Filter Frequencies below 10Hz are both selected.

(Click images to expand)

Click OK several times to get back to the normal ITunes View.

join tracks with ITunesThe next step is put you CD into the CD player. If ITunes is configured to automatically import CDs it will then ask if you would like to import the CD – don’t jump the gun here because you need to make one more adjustment to ensure that the tracks are merged when they are imported. So, click no if it prompts you to automatically import your CD. If ITunes is not configured to automatically import CDs then you will not be prompted.

In either case you should see that your CD appears in the “Source List” similar to plugging in an IPod. The “Source List” is the menu along the left side in ITunes. If you click the CD in the Source List you will see that the tracks on the CD appear in the media list. 

If not be sure to click your CD again in the left side menu so that your tracks are all displayed. Then select all the track on the CD that you would like to merge into one. You can do this by clicking to highlight the first track. Then hold down the shift key and click on the last track in the list. If you only wanted to select specific tracks you could hold down the ctrl key and click the tracks individually that you want to include. All tracks that you want merged should now be highlighted in blue. Now go to the Advanced menu > Join CD Tracks. This should initiate the import of your tracks as a single file into ITunes.

Now click on Library from the left menu and find your new track. The last step in preparing your file for Podcasting is to move the MP3 file to a new folder and rename the file. To do this right click on your newly created track in ITunes and select show in explorer. This will open a window and show you the original file. Right click on the file and select copy. Create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking on the desktop > New > folder. Name the folder podcasts (or something similar). Open the newly created folder then right click inside the folder and select paste. This should paste a copy of your MP3 file into this folder. Right click on the MP3 file and select rename. Then type the name of this show using the following format: the-title-of-my-show.mp3

Now your MP3 file is ready to be uploaded to your Podcasting site.

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