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Would you like to be able to create, edit and modify with ease this type of photo gallery on your website? With WellPlanet.com Custom Chiropractic Websites and Windows Live Writer you can and it is easy!!


One item that I didn’t go into in the video demonstration that is important to understand relates to the size of the image that you are uploading as well as the size of image a person sees when they click on the thumbnail. The images that I added to the photo gallery were already prepared for being used online – in that the size of the original images is approximately 600px x 400px. However, what if you are adding an image right from your camera and the size of the image is 2400px x 3000px as an example. Well if you simply add them as demonstrated when someone tries to click the thumbnail to view the image will they be downloading a very large image? No!! The good news is that Windows Live Writer deals with this situation very easily. You can actually determine the size of image that a visitor will view when the click on the thumbnail. This also happens to be the size of the image that Windows Live Writer will upload to your website. However, you can only make this change when you initially setup the image gallery. Once you have uploaded the images you can not change this feature. After adding an image as below I went to the Picture tab in WLW and near the bottom there is an item called “Options” (see below). You can select: small, medium, large, or original size. Depending on the size of the original would determine if this would be of benefit or not. As an demonstration I have set the view image for the following three images to small, medium, and large respectively. Interestingly the originals for these images would be reversed in their actual size.

image image

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