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In this round of revision we will be looking at the top menu and the side menu. We have 20 Top menus and 12 side menus. What is most important is to select the one that you like the style the most. It doesn’t have to be perfect. E.g. if you like a particular menu style but you want the colors of the menu or the icons to be from another menu just let me know. None of the menus are set in stone – they are all fully customizable. My goal is to help you find the one that you like best and then to make it perfect for you.

In the following images you will need to look at both the top menu and the side menu. The first several I use the same side menu for two images. The last few both the side menu and the top menu changes. Just note the top and side menu that you like the best and any customization you would like to see. I will then add these changes to the current skin design and use this to show you just a few more features. We are getting very close to completing this project.

Excellent Choices.

We will now look at a few more sheet options using your chosen Color Theme:


Next we will look at page layout. Again we will use the color theme and sheet that you chose in the first round.

Please select the option that you like the best from both groups of images. Email me your preferences and I will get the next round out very quickly.

Here are three samples to review your color theme combined with the header image you have selected. I used a different sheet type with each color theme. If you can tell me which color theme you like the best with your header image and which sheet you prefer. I will then use these selections to create the next round for you to review. Don’t worry about all the other features for the moment just focus on the color theme and sheet. The sheet is the outline of the page, e.g. one is square at the top, one is rounded without a shadow and one is rounded with a gentle shadow. We have three other sheets, which I will go through in the next round.

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